Friday, February 5, 2010

Painting part 2

Ok ,so I got a little carried away with painting before I remembered to pick up the camera. Oops. As you can see I have blocked in some of the larger areas of the falcons base colors. Again this is being done with the dry brush technique. Although I am using just a bit more water than I would for the more detailed work. The reason for this is that I am trying to cover a larger area more quickly and to keep the paint a bit looser to develop a underlying texture for the more detailed work that will be layered above it.

In this detail you can see both the blocked in area of color on top of the background and the more detailed brush work for the feathers and eye. There are many different types of brush strokes that can be used with dry brushing watercolors. I generally stick with a daubing stroke and cross hatching. I will also using a stippling stroke in tight areas or for shading. If you look closely you can see examples of all three of these in this detail.

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