Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More sketches of people

I think the gentleman in this sketch was on to me. I am pretty sure he new I was drawing him. He was people watching at the coffee shop.

This man fascinated me. I wish I had more time to get a few sketches of him instead of this quick one.

When he walked it was with a shuffling gait. All of his other movements were sure and with purpose. It was as though his legs had betrayed him one to many times. It was not that he doubted them, but more that he took them for what they were. remaining confident in the rest of himself.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Oil Painting

Life has been kinda hectic again. But I finally found time to finish this painting. It has been bumping around the studio for about a year now. For some reason it kept getting moved aside to make room for something else. Every once in awhile I would pull it out and work on it, just to have it get pushed aside again. It has become a constant companion. Always sitting on its shelf waiting patiently. It became quite comforting to look at while I was on the phone or taking a break from some other project. Now It is finished. In a day or two when all the paint has dried I will take some finished photos of it and begin looking for a good home for it. I think it will be kind of strange around here for awhile with out it staring back at me.


Sketching is the backbone of the visual arts. It is exercise for your creative muscles and your artistic eye. And to tell the truth I have not been doing enough of it. So little in fact that my creative muscles have become Jello ( the green kind with the little marshmallowie things floating in it ) and my artistic is kinda blurry. So I have resolved to get into shape and to post some of my sketches here to keep me honest.

I stopped in at a local bakery/eatery today and sketched up some business men having a meeting.