Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Oil Painting

Life has been kinda hectic again. But I finally found time to finish this painting. It has been bumping around the studio for about a year now. For some reason it kept getting moved aside to make room for something else. Every once in awhile I would pull it out and work on it, just to have it get pushed aside again. It has become a constant companion. Always sitting on its shelf waiting patiently. It became quite comforting to look at while I was on the phone or taking a break from some other project. Now It is finished. In a day or two when all the paint has dried I will take some finished photos of it and begin looking for a good home for it. I think it will be kind of strange around here for awhile with out it staring back at me.


  1. This is beautiful, Eric. Make sure she goes to a good home. And I'm also glad to see you're sketching more - I love your sketches!!

  2. I love your People sketches, you are very talented! By the way I think it is totally great when guys get involved in this wonderful hoppy. Most of the guys work that I see put's myu work in pale comparison. You guys have a great talent and Gift at this.
    Pat Lund